lördag 10 september 2016

Infographic: Scrum Overview

The "Smidigt! Program" (link in Swedish) is an attempt to arrange my bits of knowledge regarding agile, lean, teal, organization, leadership etc in a consistent whole of actionable tools that collaborations of all sorts (organizations, teams, projects) can take off the shelf, learn, and start to use. It is like an "operating system" for collaborations, but modular so that you don't have to implement everything at once.

During the year of 2016 I have a special project: I am doing an overhaul of the program, creating more tools and experimenting with the formats. One format that I use a lot is the infographic: a one-pager that presents the content of a module in a very dense way. Print them on an A3 and put them on the wall!

Here is the latest infographic, from the Module "Scrum Overview": infographic-scrum.pdf

Share (Creative Commons) and enjoy!

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