fredag 16 september 2016

Documentation: Retrospectives

The work with updating my course material continues. This is the first draft of the new version of the documentation for the module Retrospectives, with grammatical errors, spelling errors and all.

A module is a part of a full course. In a day we go through 4-6 modules depending on how deep we need to go with each module in that particular course. The module is normally presented by a small lecture by me, illustrations on the whiteboard and on flipchart pages, questions from the participants, and one or more exercises. The documentation collects the main points from the module, together with the notes that the participants make themselves.

The module Retrospective can be experienced in the courses Introduction to Agile methods - Lean, Scrum & Kanban (link in Swedish) and the course Scrum Master (link in Swedish).

In order to fit screens (the material is distributed digitally) the documentation is in landscape orientation. Open it using a PDF-viewer and read it in full screen mode.

Download the documentation here: Retrospectives.

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